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Our services in a nutshell

Some perceive investing as complex and reserved for the wealthy and therefore avoid it all together.  At PPM we aim to demystify trading and investing on the JSE.

We pride ourselves in our personal service to our clients. Interaction on a more personal level will help us gain a better understanding of your needs and expectations.

In our experience online trading results in 70% of clients losing money and then losing hope.  For this reason we don’t offer online trading. 

You can choose from our full-discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management and broking services when buying and selling JSE listed shares and Kruger Rands.

Philippus de Witt (Pty) Limited will manage your portfolio on a full discretionary or advisory basis. A portfolio management fee is charged per annum, excluding VAT, on the total value of the portfolio and is levied quarterly in arrears.