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How it works

Q: What is the minimum investment value?

A: PPM has no stipulated minimum but we do highlight that the cost of fees might be disproportionately high, measured as a percentage of the value of the trade, if the trade value is relatively small.

Q: What is the process to follow the first time I buy shares?

A: There are a number of ways you can narrow down the list of shares to buy. You could start by creating a watchlist of companies you like. Focus on shares with the lowest PE multiples. For more information on a chosen share, visit Moneyweb of Sharenet and click on the share code which will take you to the share information page.

Q: How do your fees work?

A: We charge brokerage on a sliding scale, depending on the trade value. The minimum brokerage is R85. For a full breakdown of the fees contact us.

Q: What documents are required?

A: There are various documents required, depending on the type of account you are opening. Chat to us on our chat box.

Q: What are your bank account details?

When your account is open you are welcome to deposit fund into the following bank account.  If you are a Non-resident your funds are deposited into our Non-Resident Bank account, details on request. Our banking details are available here.